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Giving at Southside

We believe that tithing and giving to God

is our demonstration of faith in His provision.

At Southside, your giving enables us

to continue our service to God and to

our community through our weekly services, outreaches and events.


All of our giving options are safe, secure and easy, because we are committed to honoring and safeguarding your privacy and information.

Click for online giving, to manage your account, or to set up recurring giving.

Text the amount you would like to give to 84321. If this is your first time, you will receive a link to set up your account.

Giving envelopes are available in our sanctuary during Sunday morning service.

Special Funds

Faith Promise Missions Giving

Each year, we ask our members to commit to a Missions Faith Promise. This is a commitment between you and God to give toward missions, as He calls and provides. Rather than simply determining an amount you feel comfortable with, we ask that you take some time to pray about how God is calling you to give, trusting that He will provide the funds to meet the commitment, and then simply give what He provides. If you have other questions, click here for details, or contact our office.

To give toward your Missions Faith Promise, simply designate your online giving as "missions" or text the dollar amount you would like to give and "missions" (e.g. "100 missions") to 84321

Special Giving Funds

Periodically, we may give you the opportunity to support ministries, projects, or relief efforts through our giving page. You can designate giving by noting the specific fund you would like to give to on the memo line of your check, or by designating your online giving. You can designate mobile giving by texting the dollar amount you would like to give and "special" (e.g. "100 special") to 84321

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